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“Sell my house fast!” How to sell a house at a lower fee with nationwide

Selling Your House Online

With an average selling time of just 62 days (32 in London) and potential savings over £4,000, eMoov can provide you with a fast and effective way of selling your house online.

We have helped people sell over £227 million worth of property to date, with our customers saving a total of £5.3 million in fee payments.

As an online estate agent, we can help you sell your house faster and at a much cheaper cost to you than traditional estate agents. For a flat fee of just £395, we can help you through the whole process of selling your house by

  • Taking photos and constructing a fully measured floor plan
  • Carrying out the Energy Performance Certification
  • Putting your property in front of millions of potential buyers on all the major property websites and hundreds of local media organisations
  • Setting up viewings and negotiating any offers received for your property
  • Recommending the right property lawyers, conveyancer and mortgage deals
  • Overseeing the transaction once you have accepted an offer

Selling your house doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out and endlessly complicated process. If you want to make the process as quick and simple as possible so that you can concentrate on the important work of getting on with the next chapter of your life, you can sign up with us today and get the ball rolling.

Sign up here to sell your house online with eMoov right now.

If you want to get in contact with a member of our team, you can phone us on 0333 121 4950 or send us a message.

How Does it Work?
Selling your house online with us involves six simple steps. Wherever your property is located in the UK, whether in the bustling centre of London or the wild and windswept Highlands, our process is the best way to get people interested in your house fast.

The six simple steps to
selling your house with eMoov


Choosing your payment option

We have a range of pricing options to suit you. Our most popular option is the flat, up-front payment of £395 with nothing to pay on completion, but we have split payment and mainly post-sale options as well.

Whatever way you decide to pay us, the marketing package and access to expertise you receive will be the same. The way we like to explain it to potential customers is that the more you pay upfront, the cheaper the overall cost to you will be.

Take a look at our pricing options now to see which one suits you best.


Getting your house on the market

This is where we start the process of putting your property in front of the masses of potential buyers that are searching for a new place to call home. The first step in doing this is one of our assessor team coming round to the property to take detailed pictures and create an indicative, fully measured floor plan. The second step is to make sure that details such as your Energy Performance Certification have been taken care of properly. We will take charge of making sure all of the boxes are ticked. The third step is for us to get your property onto the market by placing it on all the important property sites and local news outlets that are relevant.


Time for extras

At this point you can add any extra options to your package if you feel they will make your property shine even more. Examples of the kind of extra features we offer are having your property featured as a Rightmove Premium Listing or putting a high quality For Sale board up outside your property. These extra features will make your property stand out a little more and may increase the chance of an offer being made.


The Viewings

We will handle the organisation of the viewings that will begin rolling in after your property has been put on the market. We are always available to give advice on the best steps you can take to improve the chances of people who come to view your house wanting to put an offer in. We will also handle the negotiations when it comes to any offers that are made by potential buyers on your behalf.


Ironing out the final details

At this point we can recommend you to experienced and well respected property lawyers and conveyancers if you feel that they are needed. We can also advise on the best mortgage deals that are currently available in the marketplace. Making sure that you make the right choice when it comes to these final details can potentially save you thousands of pounds in the long run.


Finalising the sale

Once you have accepted an offer for your property, we will oversee the transaction and continue to provide help and guidance right up until the day of the move. On average, this whole process takes around 42 days or under two months to complete. From contacting us to moving out and beginning the next exciting chapter of your life, the process we have put in place for selling your home is as quick, painless and efficient as it is possible to be. Get in contact with us now to begin the process of selling your house online.

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