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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Business of eMoov Limited


Our terms should be read in conjunction with the law of England and Wales and in particular, law of contract.

The wording contained herein represents an offer to treat. Your acceptance of our terms of business is performed when successful payment is made by a third party ‘customer' in favour of eMoov Limited, howsoever made.

VAT is payable at the prevailing rate on all fees and charges.

No liability is accepted or should be seen as being implied in so far as third parties employed by eMoov and their actions or inactions. Nor should any liability be assumed in so far as eMoov supplied goods such as being used inappropriately by third parties and causing damage to property. No liability is accepted by eMoov in any respect whatsoever  where circumstances beyond its control may lead to any loss or inconvenience.

Fee Options and Policy

The (option 1) £395 plus vat marketing fee is our most popular as it involves no further fee to pay. There is nothing to pay upon completion of contracts and no admin fees or costs for alterations or amendments to your ad. There are no withdrawal fees and no sole agency tie-ins or penalty fees. 

The (option 3) payment of £99 plus vat represents a monthly marketing fee for the given one month period from when your ad goes live and is payable each month until legal completion of contracts takes place once a buyer is introduced. This represents the cost of overseeing the transaction. No further fee or commission is due unless you authorise an ongoing monthly renewal of that cost There is nothing to pay upon completion of contracts. Further months of marketing are discretionary at the behest of the selling client entirely. Please note that it is likely that one month may not be long enough, given the current buyers' market, to find a buyer and that legal completion of contracts may take several weeks to take place.

An (option 4) initial fee of £49 plus vat or its variation from time to time is payable followed by a payment of £950 plus vat or its variation from time to time due upon legal completion of a sale involving eMoov and payable within three working days of completion only. There is nothing further to pay if the property is not sold. Interest may be added to this amount if payment is not made within that time. Definition: A sale is the proceeding of a third party with a purchase of the instructed property in question which was subject to the involvement of eMoov in any way. A viewing appointment, whether actually carried out or not, a negotiated offer or an involvement by way of eMoov's substantive communication with the party that subsequently purchased, will be deemed as ‘involvement'. Merely providing a set of details will not be constituted as substantive communication however a regular contact over the same property would be. The same term applies to the (option 2) fee option whereby £199.00 plus vat is payable upfront and a cost of £399.00 plus vat upon legal completion thereafter. 

eMoov does not operate restrictive sole agency agreements or penalty fees. There are no contractual time period tie-ins. You are free to instruct any or as many alternative or additional estate agents in conjunction with the eMoov service as you wish. No cancellation refunds apply. 

Our fee of £99 plus vat does not necessitate any further fee payable by the property owner when a tenant is introduced. chosen, notwithstanding. There are no restrictive tie-ins or penalty fees. Tenancy referencing fees and documentation preparation fees are the responsibility of the ingoing tenant. eMoov Limited will ensure that the tenants' surety deposit is lodged within a Government approved deposit protection scheme at no further cost to the landlord.

eMoov Limited does not charge renewal fees to either landlord or tenant in the event that a tenant renews their agreement subsequently to the expiry of the initial rental agreement.

If 'full management' is chosen as an option on a monthly cost basis, this necessitates that the monthly rental is collected by eMoov Limited and representatives and paid to the landlord by the 15th of the month following receipt. The landlord authorises eMoov Limited and representatives to action maintenance works to the extent of £50 plus vat without authorisation from the landlord. All amounts in excess of this figure are to be authorised by the landlord before any works are commenced. The landlord is free to undertake their own remedial works and such like, if they wish and at their own cost.

Property Information

The selling/letting customer will verify information displayed by eMoov in relation to their property and will advise eMoov of any inaccuracies. Any material changes which may affect a property's description post instruction must be informed to eMoov by the selling customer. eMoov online estate agents  comply with the Consumer Protection Regulations 2000. An Energy Performance Certificate is a legal requirement in England and Wales and must be in place and displayed with the ad listing within 7 days of the ad being published. A Home Report is a legal requirement in Scotland and is the responsibility of the selling client to have in place before a property can be advertised for sale.

Additional Services

eMoov will offer its selling and letting clients and prospective purchasers and tenants additional services via our partners such as , insurances, pensions,  and other products from which eMoov Limited may derive commission.

eMoov Conveyancers is a brand name that encompasses the conveyancing activities of eMoov Limited. Conveyancing work is carried out by carefully selected third party conveyancing partners.

Our low cost conveyancing deal at £394.00 plus vat upon completion applies to freehold property sales and, separately, to freehold purchases and is dependent upon securing this offer by way of initial, up front premium payment of £99.00 plus vat at the time that instructions are received to sell the client's property. Otherwise our standard fee of £495.00 plus vat applies to freehold sales and purchases plus disbursements. The £99.00 plus vat premium is not refundable under any circumstances. Disbursements are additional. A leasehold supplement applies at £150.00 plus vat per transaction. Deal applies to sales and purchases to a value of £500,000. A supplement of £100.00 plus vat applies thereafter. 

Please note that special offers relating to , Rightmove and Zoopla Premium Listings and are dependent upon the purchase of a marketing package and are not available as stand alone items.  


When you transact with eMoov Limited you are agreeing to accept the terms of use set out, and any additional terms that may be located elsewhere that are brought to your attention. eMoov Limited may change these terms without notice at any time, so you should revisit these, and any other relevant pages, from time to time prior to further transactions to ascertain what terms of use you are agreeing to.

Information held on our website and elsewhere is intended for your general information and, as such, should only be treated as a guide. eMoov Limited, ‘the company', has used all reasonable endeavours to ensure the accuracy and completeness of its website. It cannot give any representations, assurances, undertakings or warranties about the accuracy, correctness or fitness for purpose regarding the site or any website referred to by it (‘third party site').

Emove does not approve or endorse any information contained on any third party site and accepts no responsibility for this information or its content. The council therefore accepts no liability in connection with any information held on a third party site.

The contents of the company's website and its hard copy documentation are the copyright of the company. You may make copies for your personal use only. You are not allowed to copy and distribute its contents in any way without the prior consent of the company. You should seek appropriate professional advice before taken any action based on any information held on this site.

Emoov Limited cannot be held responsible for content on third party portal sites. The websites that we display as partner sites are representative only and may change from time to time.  

Credit and Debit Card Payments
Credit and debit card payments are accepted for payment in respect of the company’s marketing services and optional ‘add ons’ such as photography, sign boards, , conveyancing products and so on.

Please read these terms carefully before using the online payments facility. Use of company’s online payments application on this website indicates your acceptance of these terms. If you do not accept these terms please do not use the online payments facility on this website.

The company cannot accept any liability if payment is refused, or declined, by the debit / credit card supplier. The company has no control over acceptance over acceptance of card payments and any refusal of payment should be taken up with your card supplier.

eMoov Limited does not store credit or debit card details of any kind. 

Confirmation of Payment
Once your payment has been authorised, the application will display a confirmation screen showing the payment details and a UNIQUE transaction reference number. You can print this screen as your receipt for your payment. These details will also be e-mailed to you if you have supplied the system with a valid e-mail address during the transaction. Please keep a note of the transaction receipt number, as you will need to quote this if you have any queries with your payment. Your receipt will not show your debit / credit card details, so if your receipt is lost or stolen, your card details will remain confidential.

Refused Payments
If your payment is refused, the application will display a screen informing you of this situation. Remember – it is not the company that is refusing your card payment – it is the card issuing bank that is refusing to authorise the payment. If this occurs you will need to contact your card company to discuss the reasons for the refusal.  


Where an overpayment occurs a refund will be issued following a request. Where payment was initially made by debit/credit card, refunds shall normally be made by bank transfer. Where a payment by any means has been made to the company that payment is final and no refunds will be due. The company instigates various costs at the outset of a property being instructed to it and thus refunds will not be entertained where a customer changes their mind or is subject to a change of circumstances notwithstanding prevailing legislation including the Consumer Protection Regulations 2000 whereby commencement of performance of the contract is deemed to take place at the point that our assessors are instructed.

The company provides a secure online payments facility, fully managed to Level 1 approval in line with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) requirements. Once you click on the link to make a payment you will be re-directed to a fully hosted secure managed environment. All information that you send will be fully 128 bit encrypted.

The online service is fully managed externally and the company does not hold any card details on any of its servers or within its infrastructure. The company does not have any access to your card details on the managed service. 

The online payments system complies with all of the security requirements of the PCI council – CV2 input, Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode etc. and the company will continue to enhance the application to the highest security standards.   

Payment Issues
If you should have any difficulties with the payment process you can contact the company at:

eMoov Limited, New North House, Ongar Road, Brentwood CM15 9BB  

Tel: 0333 121 4950

Your privacy is very important and the company is committed to protecting your privacy online. Your personal information, given as part of the payment process, will be treated in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 (see our Privacy statement below).

We will only use any personal information you send us for the purposes for which you provide it or for other lawful purposes. We will only hold your information for as long as necessary for these purposes and will not pass it to any other parties unless required to do so by law. All employees who have access to your personal data or are associated with the handling of that data are obliged to respect the confidentiality of your personal data. ? 

Upon request we will inform you whether personal information is stored by us. You may write to:
eMoov, New North House, Ongar Road, Brentwood CM15 9BB

If you have concerns about the processing of your personal data by the company you may contact the company at the address above, or:
The Office of the Information Commissioner
HouseWater Lane
Cheshire SK9 5AX 

Feedback, Comments and Complaints 

The company welcomes your and comments and its products. If you wish to supply any please email It is a condition of our membership of the Property Ombudsman Scheme that we provide information relating to our complaints procedure. In the event of a complaint correspondence should be sent to, New North House, Ongar Road, Brentwood CM15 9BB or emailed to . All complaints will be acknowledged within 24 hours, investigated and responded to within five working days.   

Limitations of Liability

eMoov Limited its suppliers or other third parties mentioned on this site will not be liable for any damages arising out of the use, inability to use, or results of use of this site, any web sites linked to this site or any material or information contained on this site. Marketing fees represent a twelve month marketing period except in the case of (£99 plus vat per month) which is a monthly pay as you go deal.  

Registration and Authentication
The company may in the future require you to register and be authenticated with us in order for you to access extra services. The information will not be used for sending you newsletters or other promotions unless stated.

Web Site Accessibility
We always try to ensure that our web site is accessible to everyone.

We use independent monitors to assess our site. Our site should not present any problems as regards accessibility.  

Help us improve our performance
If you experience technical difficulties using this web site please email us at or by phone call on 0333 121 4950.