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Selling your home in Coventry

Coventry is a city located in the heart of England. It lies in the West Midlands and is the 12th largest city in the UK and second largest in the region. The ancient settlement predates many of its neighbouring cities and is located just 95 miles from the capital city of London.

History of Coventry

Coventry has a vast and varied history having been the capital of England on more than one occasion. During the 14th Century it was a vital trade link for the cloth trade, establishing the city as one of the most important in England. In the 18th century it then became one of three main English cities in the art of watchmaking, before cheaper Swiss models became more popular. In the 19th century Coventry then became one of the leading manufacturers of bicycles. Unfortunately Coventry suffered greatly during WWII and was absolutely devastated during the Blitz. Post war it witnessed a great deal of regeneration, particularly within the housing sector and went on to become an epicentre for the British motor industry. During this golden age, those benefitting from Coventry’s economic expansion had some of the highest disposable incomes in the country.

Redevelopment of Coventry

Coventry has benefited from continuous redevelopment, particularly within the city centre. Not only has the city seen marked architectural improvement but the Swansewell Project also intends to deepen the Swanswell Pool to link it with the Coventry Canal Basin. This project will also include the construction of an urban marina and surrounding infrastructure.

Transport in Coventry

Due to its central location in England, Coventry benefits from a wide variety of transport links. By road the city is accessible by the M6, M60, M45 and M40. Coventry railway station benefits from services from Virgin, London Midlands and Cross Country and provides quick links to London and Birmingham.

Culture in Coventry

Coventry has a rich history of culture. The city is birth place of the famous poet, Phillip Larkin. It is also home to the first purpose built civic theatre which opened in 1958. The city is also recognised for its vast variety of musical offerings, although it is probably best known for its love of Jazz and the Coventry Jazz Festival. The city boasts a number of artistic and cultural venues, from the Warwick Arts Centre, the Albany Theatre, the Belgrade Theatre, the Ricoh Arena, The SkyDome Arena, the War Memorial Park, the Butts Park Arena, The Criterion Theatre and the Coombe Country Park.

Buying in Coventry

The reasonable demand percentage for property in Coventry makes it a sensible option for those looking to invest in a property in one of the UK’s major cities. Although the average house price is marginally over the national average, it’s relatively close proximity to London and even closer proximity to the countryside, make it an ideal option for those looking for a mix of city and country life. If you’re looking to buy a house in Coventry try Earlsdon. Earlsdon is a popular area with plenty of pubs and places to eat. Its close proximity to the university make it popular with students and residents alike. It also offers quick and convenient bus services to the city centre.

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