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Manchester is one of the major UK cities located in the North West of England. Nestled between the Cheshire Plain’s to the south and the Pennines to the north, the city offers the option of working in the city by week and an escape to nature come the weekend.

Property in Manchester

Like most major cities in the UK, demand for property and the price it fetches can be high and the Greater Manchester area is one of the most heavily populated in the UK. The City of Manchester has a number of famous exports and a diverse historic heritage, it was the birthplace of the Football League, the Trade Union Congress, the first public lending library as well as being home to the first computer and the world’s first railway station.

As a result of its historic roots, Manchester also boasts a wide variety of architectural styles. The city has a number of Victorian buildings showcasing the Gothic style, as well as a number of contemporary structure. However the city’s landscape is by enlarge characterised by the red brick style of building, stretching back to Manchester’s predominance as a global centre for the cotton trade. This said the City of Manchester has also invested into pioneering eco-friendly housing building a project opposite the Oxford Road railway station. The city is also home to One Angel Square, one of the most sustainable buildings of its type in the world.

Green Areas in Manchester

But it’s not all housing projects and skyscrapers, the City of Manchester is home to Heaton Park, one of the largest public parks in Europe. It’s one of 135 parks, gardens and open green spaces the city offers its residents. When you add to this the six local nature reserves, Manchester provides plenty of opportunity for residents to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

Culture in Manchester

Manchester is also a city heavily influenced by the arts. The Manchester Opera House, Palace Theatre and Royal Exchange Theatre all help facilitate a flourishing theatre, opera and dance scene in the city. There are also a wealth of museums and galleries celebrating the city’s rich history, from the Museum of Science and Industry, the Whitworth Art Gallery, the Museum of Transport, the Imperial War Museum North and the Manchester Art Gallery.

Manchester has long been renowned for its musical pedigree, giving birth to such names as Oasis, Joy Division and Take That. Nightlife in Manchester has also expanded rapidly since the late 1990’s and now attracts some 130,000 people in any one weekend night. This generates some £100m for the Manchester economy and is also a driving factor for Manchester’s student offering. The city attracts some 100,000+ students a year to one of the four universities across the city and has one of the largest student populations in Europe.

Transport in Manchester

Luckily Manchester has the transport links available to support the influx of students and Manchester Airport is one of the busiest in the UK, outside of London. Manchester’s smaller airport, City Airport Manchester, brought another first for the city, home to the first air traffic control tower in the UK. Manchester also has four major railway stations, with Manchester Piccadilly being the busiest, although Manchester Liverpool Road was the first purpose built passenger and goods railway.

Manchester is also home to the most extensive tram system in the UK, with the Manchester Metrolink stretching some 57 miles across the city. The city is also home to the largest bus network outside of London, offering another option for residents to traverse the city’s landscape with relative ease.

Buying in Manchester

As with most major cities, the diverse cultural, architectural and economic offerings of Manchester make it a desirable location for those in the North to live. With house prices generally lower than the national average Manchester offers a similar lifestyle to the capital, but at a much more affordable price.

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