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Reasons to love Newcastle upon Tyne

Searching for an estate agent in Newcastle?

eMoov can sell your property for a one of fixed fee, starting as little as £595. We’re a national agent and list properties all over the nation, so if you’re looking for an estate agent in Newcastle why not see if we can help.

Selling a Property in Newcastle?

eMoov’s Property Hotspots Index monitors the change in supply and demand for the most populated locations across the UK, by monitoring the total number of properties sold in comparison to those on sale.

In eMoov’s March Index the Nort West of England accounted for eight out of ten of the highest climbers where demand for property was concerned. This said demand in Newcastle has dropped 8% since December and the city only ranked at 94 out of the 100 hottest spots in the UK.


Newcastle is a one of the UK’s major cities, located to the north east of England. The largest in the North West region, Newcastle lies on the banks of the River Tyne and is just a short distance from the North Sea and is part of the country of Tyne and Wear.

Housing in Newcastle

Newcastle is one of few authorities to enjoy an increase in the number of stock levels across all types of dwellings.

During the early 1900’s the slums of Newcastle began to give way for council hosing and this process of regeneration continued into the 1970’s. There has also been a substantial increase in the number of private housing developments along with the acquisition of properties under the Right to Buy scheme. This has gone some way in providing housing to each end of the market and has made Newcastle a popular choice to buy for many.

The History of Newcastle

As with many of the UK’s major cities, Newcastle has a vast and varied history. In the early 1900’s Newcastle’s public transport system was revolutionised with the introduction of electric trams. With the invention of the car came the improvement of Newcastle’s road networks and the opening of the Redheugh Road Bridge also helped to make Newcastle more accessible to the masses.

During the Great Depression in the 1930’s unemployment rates in Newcastle hit a record high. The slow demise of the city’s industrial landscape, within the coal and ship building sectors in particular, also affected the area. Due to Newcastle’s prominence in the production of ships, Newcastle was also targeted during World War II and was subjected to heavy air raids.

Shopping in Newcastle

In 2010 Newcastle was ninth in the expenditure league for retail centres, with several major shopping areas in the city centre. The Banbridge’s department store is thought of as the world’s first and today Newcastle is home to a wealth of retail outlets. This can make the city a desirable location for many, offering the sought after amenities that buyers in the North look for when buying a house. The main place to shop in Newcastle is Northumberland Street, although it has been ranked as one of the most expensive in the UK for rent outside of London. This said it still attracts high volumes of locals and tourists alike.

Newcastle Today

Today Newcastle has adapted from its industrial heritage to become a thriving hub of activity. The city’s wealth of cultural offerings have made it an attractive destination for many to live. There is a wealth of musical, theatrical and social offerings. The city is also home to Newcastle United, a Premier League football team that shares a fierce rivalry with nearby Sunderland, as does the city in general.

Buying in Newcastle

As with most cities, the large and varied offering Newcastle presents attracts people from all over the country. It has become a popular destination for students due to its high quality of further education institutes as well as an affordable cost of living when compared to many major cities in the South.