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Estate Agents in Stoke

Want to sell your property in Stoke? Don’t want to pay the extortionate fees charged by the high street Estate Agents? Why not list with and pay a one off, transparent fee?

Stoke or Stoke-on-Trent as it’s also known, is a UK city in the county of Staffordshire. Located in the North West of England, Stoke was formed in the 20th century from an amalgamation of six individual towns.

History of Stoke

Stoke is steeped in historical heritage, particularly within the industrial sector. Stoke was best known for its pottery trade and, since the 17th century has been the base for world renowned companies such as Royal Doulton. Stoke was also a hub for the coal mining industry, with records of it dating back as far as the 13th century. During the 1900s the coal mining industry accounted for some 20,000+ jobs in Stoke, making it a popular destination for many to live and work. The iron and steel industries also played important roles in the development of Stoke. This industry and its production of the Spitfire as a result, also played a vital role in the success of the Allied Forces during WWII, in particular the RAF’s success in the Battle of Britain.

Transport in Stoke

As with most major cities in the UK, Stoke benefits from extensive transport links to the rest of the UK. The A50 cuts through the heart of the city, linking the M6 and M1 motorways, providing convenient transport routes both sides of the city. Stoke-on-Trent railway station also provides good commuting links and lies on the mainline of the Stafford-Manchester Railway Line. The line allows commuters to travel to other nearby cities with ease, reaching Manchester in around an hour and London in just over an hour and a half. This relatively easy commute can make Stoke a desirable destination for commuters looking for a more affordable place to live. The extensive local bus networks in Stoke, coupled with an abundance of cycle paths, make traversing the cities landscape easy and affordable for those living and working more locally.

Buying in Stoke

Looking to buy a property in Stoke? Try Birches Head. Located to the north east of Stoke, it offers a more tranquil option to city centre life, with green areas and canal walks. It is also well serviced for those commuting to the city and has a number of good local amenities and schools. Stoke offers a more affordable option for those looking for a city lifestyle, at a lower cost to other UK cities such as Manchester and London.

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