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Long story short

How we can help sell your home — fast
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The easy journey to your new dream home
Step 1: List your property with Emoov

Get your property in front of millions of potential buyers by listing with us. Our property experts will help you get on the market in moments.

1-2 days
Step 2: Search for your dream home

Receive your agreement in principle from our free mortgage advisor and focus on finding your dream home. When you find a new home, we can help you negotiate and make an offer.

Scheduled to your needs
Step 3: Request an offer from Emoov

If you haven’t found a buyer after 30 days on the market, and cannot proceed with the new home purchase without first selling your property, you can request an offer from us. RICS surveyor experts will visit your property for a valuation and we will send you a competitive offer within 5 working days.

Up to 5 days
Step 4: Emoov offer

To make an offer we analyse comparable properties on the market, look at the initial level of interest, and estimate how long it might take us to re-sell your home. We also include the property maintenance costs and our cost of re-selling. Through combining our data-driven technology with the RICS expert surveyor's input, we arrive at a competitive offer.

Up to 3 days to accept the offer
Step 5: Completion and move

After accepting our offer, we quickly act on our promise. Simply set your preferred completion date, and we will connect you with our conveyancers who will deal with the paperwork and speed up the process.

Scheduled to your needs

“The guaranteed offer allows vendors to sell their properties quicker than any other provider on the market, while retaining price competitiveness and peace of mind.”

Hillary Emoov agent
Hillary Emoov agent
What propeties we buy
Detached /
From £200,000
to £350,000
Outside of
Greater London
What to expect from Emoov?

See how we make a competitive offer

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When is it best to start looking for a remortgage?

10-15 weeks before your current fixed term ends is the sweet spot, however you are able to get free advice at any point.

What if I want to overpay and my current lender doesn’t allow me?

10-15 weeks before your current fixed term ends is the sweet spot, however you are able to get free advice at any point.

How much can I save?

It depends on the circumstances of your current mortgage terms and how the property market and your income has changed since the start. You can book a free session with our mortgage advisor here. Our mortgage advice is always free, the lender pays us, and you don’t.