Cheap Estate Agent Fees

As with everything it pays to shop around, the more you look the more likely it is that you will find a better deal. The less established estate agent is more likely to be cheaper, charging you less in fees to sell your home. However it is important to find a middle ground between being charged a bomb in fees and trusting the most valuable asset you own to someone with limited experience.

Cheap doesn’t necessarily mean a poor service or product, there are a number of great examples across a range of industries that prove just because your price is lower than the competition you can still out perform them in terms of service and customer satisfaction.

Premier Inn have raised standards in the budget hotel sector, Lidl and Aldi provide quality produce at a lower price than the big supermarket chains, Easy Jet offer air travel at an affordable price and Ikea provide stylish, quality furniture for a great value price.

In the estate agency sector the cheapest way to sell your property is via an online estate agent. As the UK’s favourite online estate agent, Emoov are far cheaper than high street agents and our customer service awards are testimony to the service we provide.

Why are we such better value for money? We don’t have the expensive over heads of a traditional agent and everything we do is based on the service we provide. The fact of the matter is the extortionate fees paid t traditional estate agents go a very little way towards the marketing and sale of your property and mostly cover the expensive overheads of a traditional agent. We have cut the fat out of the estate agency model to improve the quality of product for the customer, not the agent. This means no swanky office or company cars, high commission fees or expensive suits, the only difference is you host your viewings.

Listing through Emoov could save you money. Our record sale to date was a property of the value of £3,175,000 and by selling through Emoov the seller saved themselves a whopping £60,362.40.

Check out our savings calculator and see how much cheaper we are then your estate agent.

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