House Viewing Tips for the Buyer

So you have found a potential property, it’s still on the market and you’ve arranged a viewing. There are a few things to consider when going to view. We’ve put together some helpful tips, when going to view a house as a buyer.

Prior to Viewing
Do Your Research
With the online resources on offer via the internet there is no excuse to visit a property without doing some prior research. When you turn up to view you should already know everything from how far it is to the nearest shops or train station and whether or not the area is right for you.

By getting all of this out of the way it give you more time to consider the questions you can only ask when viewing. It also means there’s nothing to worry about should you forget a question you can easily find the answer to online.

By qualifying a property in your mind prior to viewing it also saves you the time and effort of visiting a house that you know isn’t going to be the one for you

It often pays to make a list of potential questions before viewings a house. This way you can get all of your thoughts on to paper and even if you don’t end up asking all of them, it is better to have too many rather than forget some of the more important things you wanted to know.
These should be more focussed on things you can’t find out online such as:-

  • What are the neighbours like
  • Where is the airing cupboard
  • What storage does the property have
  • Is there an alarm system and what is the code

On the day
Be Punctual
As with any business deal first impressions count, turning up on time can go a long way as ultimately the homeowner is making the decision, so leaving them waiting around isn’t going to reflect favourably on you.

The likelihood is also that you won’t be the only person viewing so turning up late can result in you losing your slot altogether.

Be Versatile
It is hard to shape your life around other people’s requirements but trying to free up your schedule during your house hunt can increase the potential of you finding the right place.

If you are buying through Emoov our expert viewings team can give you a helping hand. They always endeavour to find a time that suits both the seller and buyer and are on hand to tell the seller if you think you’re going to be late.

Take a walk
Time permitting consider taking a walk of the local area either before or after the viewing. Yes you can research what it has to offer prior to the viewing but this doesn’t mean you’re necessarily going to feel at home there. Take a stroll around the street and try and get a feel for the place.
Don’t be afraid to ask questions
You have gone to the trouble of listing some questions, don’t be afraid to ask them. Often people will feel awkward about quizzing someone over their home, but don’t.

You are potentially going to make the biggest investment of your life on this property, make sure you leave no stone unturned or question unasked, as if it comes back to bite you later you’ll be kicking yourself.

The seller will also have prepared for viewings and should be expecting a number of questions as well as having the answer to them.

How long should I take to choose a property?

A lot of people ask us at Emoov how long they should take before deciding if they want to buy a property. The answer to this is there is no answer.

The time taken before a decision to buy is made varies depending on the person and the circumstances and it can take one viewing, three viewings or more.
However Emoov research on the time taken to buy a house found that on average in the UK it takes just 38 minutes before someone decides to buy.

Not only this but nearly two thirds of people view a property just twice before making an offer, with 10% doing so after just one viewing and only 29% returning to a property more than twice.

With this taken into account if you decide a property is the one for you, don’t hang around just because you feel a decision this big should take longer than one or two viewings. This apprehension could cost you the house you have been searching for and it is often believed that when viewing a house you will know when you find the right one almost immediately.

This said if you don’t get that feeling in your stomach then don’t go rushing in for the sake of securing a property. The right house IS out there and some people take longer than others to find it, that’s natural.

At Emoov we suggest even if you are dead set on a property to view at least twice. The first viewing will give you an impression of the property and give you a chance to check out the building and immediate local area. The second viewing gives you a chance to return, maybe with the wife or husband, to validate your thinking and ask any questions you may have missed first time round.

Just remember if you do want to make an offer after viewing or for that matter at the viewing, make sure everything is in order your side so you are in a position to commence the sale process right away if your offer is accepted.

If you want any more advice on viewing a property call our expert viewings team now on 0333 300 2526. Alternatively you can request a call back or send us an email at

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