Local knowledge when selling a property

The popularity of online estate agents has highlighted there is very little extra traditional agents do to justify their substantially higher fees. Emoov has been outperforming traditional agents in terms of price and service and the final straw they seem to be clutching at is their ‘priceless’ local knowledge of an area.

Although local knowledge of an area really is priceless when marketing your property, the evolution of online platforms and portals has provided both buyer and seller with all the resources they need to conduct this research themselves, further making the service of traditional estate agents obsolete.

Paying out thousands in fees to have an estate agent sell your local area when hosting viewings with potential buyers (link to viewings), doesn’t add up. You are the expert on your home and the area in which you reside so who better to pass on this knowledge to a potential buyer.

On top of this an Emoov survey of 1000 homeowners found that a notable 47% of people would only consider moving a maximum of 20 miles away. As a result they are already familiar with the area and probably possess a better local knowledge than any traditional agent. Many traditional agents don’t even live in the area in which they work and so they know very little about the local vicinity. When you pair this with the fact that most traditional agents will leave their most junior members to man the fort on the weekends it’s not looking good for their ‘priceless local knowledge’.

Check out what transport links a property benefits from and the nearest bus and train stations here.

With a wealth of online resources including Emoov.co.uk and the leading property portals it is you as the host that can provide those small additional details that can make the difference.

With these things considered buyers possess all the local knowledge they need to make a decision on a property and, in fact, will have already qualified a house in terms of the surrounding area before even viewing it. Add to this the additional local knowledge a seller possesses and it really is a case of three’s a crowd if you add a traditional agent to the mix and that’s why 53% of the buyers we surveyed said they would rather have the home owner host their viewing.

Emoov has sold thousands of properties throughout the country, so if you want a locals perspective of what we have sold or still have listed in the area, head over to our properties page. Alternatively contact the team on 0333 300 2526 or request a call back.

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