Managing Offers On Your Property

Receiving an offer on your property can be an exciting and daunting experience. Luckily we have an expert team of experienced negotiators to guide you through to the finish line. They’ll not only negotiate the best deal for you, but see it through to completion, chasing other agents in the chain so you don’t have to worry.

During the sale process
Our team will establish when YOU want to move, using this as the benchmark for completion and notifying all other parties of the time frame.

We will keep you updated on every little detail so as soon as the offers start coming in make sure you’re easily contactable to keep the process moving. We confirm every offer via phone and email to make sure you are right up to date with the offers on your home.

One tip that also helps to keep things running smoothly is deciding a price in your own mind beforehand. Although we secure an average 99% of asking price, it always help to have a definitive price boundary that you won’t consider going below. This can save a lot of back and forth between us the potential buyer and yourself and speed the process up overall.

It is also vital to be clear what is and isn’t included in the sale. Someone that places an offer with the expectation that the house comes with all of the white goods for example, is likely to reduce it on learning that it doesn’t. Make sure everyone is aware what the sale includes and it always pays to consider what you might throw in additionally if the potential buyer raises their offer as a result. You may wish to keep your Arga oven, but is there a price you are willing to accept for it, should the buyer wish to include it in the sale?

Receiving and negotiating an offer
We chase all of our viewers for feedback and this is also the chance for them to submit an offer if they wish to do so. Once they have done so we pass the offer on to our in-house mortgage broker to financially qualify the buyer to make sure they are serious about buying your property.

While they are doing this we will make you aware an offer has been submitted. Once qualified we will advise you on their financial stats and recommend you on how to proceed.

Many high street agents will tell you to accept any offer just to get the sale over the line so they can get their commission. Our team are incentivised on the service they provide, not on a percentage fee of the sales they make, so you can rest assured we won’t advise you

It is then down to you to consider the offer and then instruct us to proceed with it or decline it.

Once you’ve accepted an offer
Once you have accepted an offer we’ll take care of all the hard work. We connect each solicitor to get the ball rolling and being the communication process to get the ball rolling.

We also progress the sale by liaising with all of the other agents, finance and mortgage advisors and anyone else that may be involved in the sale chain. Once the surveys are complete we will chase your buyer and confirm if they have passed and if they have the finances in place to proceed to the next step.

Conclusion of the sale
In the final stages of the sale we get all involved parties to work towards set exchange and completion dates. Once these have been confirmed by the solicitors we will communicate it to all parties involved in the sale.

We are then on hand to answer any final enquiries on the sale, this includes all the minor details from which mobile network gets the best reception, to who is the current broadband provider.

Between exchange and completion we can then even help you with finding the right removal services so everything is taken care of for when you move.

The last step is to exchange the keys, but even when you are moved in, we’re still on hand should you have any questions.
If you want to know more about how Emoov handle the sale of your home, give the guys a call today on 0333 300 2526 or request a call back and one of our team can talk you through each step.

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