Where It All Started..

Russell's Grandfather, Albert F Quirk, newly qualified property surveyor at the Co-operative writes about his concerns with London house prices spiralling out of control. Yes, even in those days prices were seemingly too high and today Russell regularly voices the same concerns across the national press.

Albert F Quirk

Albert Opens His First Estate Agency Office

Albert Quirk opens the first of the family's estate agency businesses in Loughton, Greater London, the foundation on which he would build a successful business stretching the length and breadth of Essex.

First Estate Agency Office

Albert's Business Expands to 14 Branches

By the 1970’s Albert had expanded his business and operated 14 estate agency branches across Essex.

14 Branches

A New Generation

A young Russell Quirk leaves school and starts work as a 'junior' at one of the family estate agency branches, Quirk & Partners, Grays. By then, Quirk & Partners had become a prominent estate agent across London and Essex and was ultimately run by Russell’s father until it was sold in 1985 after Albert died.

Russell Quirk

The Next Step

Estate agent man and boy and with property running through his veins Russell then founded Quirk Deakin which he grew to be a dominant force across Essex over the next ten years. Russell then realises that the traditional agency industry is broken, anti-consumer and out of touch with the modern world as the consumer is driving change in other sectors. He sells his share of Quirk Deakin and gets thinking…

Quirk Deakin

Emoov is Born

After re-evaluating the estate agency model with the consumer at its heart, Russell launches Emoov.co.uk offering a fairer fee, a better service and a technology empowering approach.


A Proud Past - An Even Brighter Future

To date, Emoov has sold thousands of properties all over the UK totaling £3 billion in value, saving the average seller more than £4,000 each in high street fees in the process.

Emoov.co.uk is the hybrid result of many years of Quirk family provenance in the property industry and is now an even bigger entity than Albert’s initial endeavour. Russell still reminisces about Albert and his entrepreneurial, customer driven spirit and hopes that he would now be proud of what he has achieved in improving estate agency further still.

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