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1,800 Miles, 8 Weeks, 1 Boat

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Why eMoov are Powering Laura

Laura’s outlook on life is to be better and constantly improve and applies that ethos to every area of her life. Her can do attitude and proactive approach in shaping her own future is one that resonates with eMoov as pioneers in changing the estate agency sector for the better and putting the consumer first. As a local girl Laura is a perfect match with eMoov, both as a brand ambassador and in her endeavours to help house vulnerable young adults. For us, the choice to sponsor Laura was a no brainer. eMoov is proud to stand behind Laura and help her to tackle this monumental challenge. Laura is an inspiration to us and many people around the UK and the world and we are certain that she will achieve her goal, with a little help from eMoov of course. 

Laura Try

Meet Laura Try

Laura is a 34-year-old athlete living in Essex, who is scheduled to row around the coast of Great Britain over 8 weeks to raise money for a local charity close to her heart: Centrepoint. Following a low point resulting from severe depression, Laura found herself homeless for three months. She slept in her van and couch surfed, living out of a few suitcases until she could get back on her feet. She ultimately overcame this hard time in her life due to her positive mental outlook on life and her ambition to better herself and is now pursuing rowing, working at a job that she loves and has a roof over her head.

The Great British Row

Laura is scheduled to begin the Great British row on June 3rd – a 1,800 miles rowing challenge around the coast of Britain over an 8-week period to raise money for her chosen charity Centrepoint.  On her journey, Laura will encounter undependable weather, erratic waters and will only be sleeping in two-hour segments whilst burning 8,000 calories a day. She is one of just two women who will complete the full trip with the rest of the crew changing at each weekly stop as they pause to rest at the Isle of Wight, Dublin, around Scotland and finally at Scarborough before finishing back where it all started in Burnham-on-Crouch in Essex. 

Great British Row 2017


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