Perhaps the brains behind the Tesco Spicer haart online estate agency launch have inadvertently caused themselves a problem over their brand name?

When a property is for sale, it will often have a ‘for sale’ board on display outside. In the case of the Tesco project, this will presumably be a for sale board that will say ‘iSold’?

So, will the passing home hunter immediately be put off enquiring of a particular property because it appears to be SOLD when in fact it is not?

Given that the majority of searches happen online it probably won’t be a major issue. But it will certainly be a factor that the combined cleverness of those in Cheshunt and Colchester perhaps should have spotted before pushing the send button on their press release this week.

With a corporate image and name recognition in, arguably, the top five of all brands in the UK, it is somewhat surprising that Tesco didn’t choose a better name.

Like, well, TESCO?

Just a thought.

And yes I know. Emoov is spelled ‘wrong’. It might appear to ‘the passing home hunter’ that it is a website for selling cows on the internet or something, right? 😉

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