I now spend much of my time telling it how it is where old fashioned estate agency is concerned. In particular, highlighting how the ‘establishment’ cannot continue to justify such high fees and archaic working practices. I am gamekeeper turned poacher in that I ran a five branch High Street property firm in Essex for eleven years until setting up Emoov as a cheaper, viable alternative that will be part of the future of property selling.

So I am no stranger to having a pop at the High Street guys and I suppose it’s a bit ‘them and us’ between the traditionalists and the online brigade that are now beginning to shake the industry up.

But I came across a newspaper ad today that made me realise that the High Street bods are turning on each other too.

Your Move has taken to suggesting that big is best with a strap line that says ‘Small agent? Big mistake’. Their justification seems to be that they have 330 offices and so therefore can be relied upon to be trusted.

Now, my general experience of large, corporate firms (albeit not all of them) is that they are more likely to be  impersonal, scripted, lethargic, insensitive, unreliable and expensive than the more focussed and accountable independent. Outside of estate agency, my dealings with large motor manufacturers, big travel agents, national telephone providers, huge insurance companies, multi-national banks  and so on, seem to be fraught with procrastination, inefficiency and frustration in attempts to communicate with them.

So I think that Your Move should try a little harder to justify their worth rather than solely relying on the ‘mine is bigger than yours’ belief.

Size isn’t everything. And you know what they say? The bigger they are, the harder they fall  😉

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