I’m always intrigued by ‘free stuff’.

So I emailed Tepilo to ask how they can possibly afford to maintain a site as they do, with seemingly no revenue.

Now, further to my last blog entry it could be that the Government are chucking money at them too of course 😉 ? They do seem to like funding property entities with tax payer money at the moment after all. (See Halifax tax payer rip off).

However the reply I received from Tepilo’s Will Miller explains that they will soon announce backing from a major sponsor and it seems that they have three to choose from.

Lucky things….

Tepilo, albeit not really an estate agency site and more of an intermediate portal/private selling idea, pledges to continue to be free forever. Hmmm. I wonder if their sponsor, especially if they are taking a stake, will be happy with that on a permanent basis?

As we all know, NOTHING is free and so I’m sure we will all watch the Tepilo situation with interest.

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