We all wonder how on earth HIPs got through the legislative process. Those in the majority that know they are more trouble than they are worth that is.

But given this week’s revelations of Government Ministers blatantly prostituting themselves for personal gain, perhaps all is becoming clear?

I have absolutely no evidence to back up the following supposition however it does all fit.

1. HIPs are drawn up as the property transaction magic bullet. Industry not consulted but says, in the main, that they will not work etc.

2. Government continues with legislation despite a massive resistance from estate agents, surveyors, conveyancers and industry pressure groups.

3. DCLG continually dilute HIPs down to a feeble imitation of that which would not have benefited the home moving process in any case. But now even more pointless.

4. Legislation fumbled and fraught with false starts. Four beds? Three beds? Two beds? First day marketing, or not? New builds exempt, or not? See  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Home_Information_Pack

5. Two years on and there is no proper substantiation to ‘prove’ the worth of HIPs (the Connells report doesn’t count as it fails to regard the difference in volume levels between 2009 when it was written versus the far higher levels of the pre HIP era of 2007. Less transactional volumes equals more time to work on matters equals quicker transaction times). Govt refuses to rescind the regulation despite fears of damage to the housing market in that ‘spontaneous’ transactions all but disappear.

Did the HIP companies bribe lobby Ministers like grubby street whores, paying them for their ‘tricks’ which then enabled a crap law that would yield £ millions in HIP revenue, not to mention a tidy uplift in VAT for Gordon? Seemingly, no laws have been broken by the Hipsters if so, however the Parliamentarians might have a case to answer if they have indeed done the dirty (so to speak)?

It makes you wonder if property industry and home seller alike have been sold down the river with a useless scheme by Labour MPs that were simply paid on the side to nod it through?

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