The iSold thing has gone a bit quiet. It was supposed to be launched in a blaze of club card glory weeks ago, however on calling the Bristol launch team just now to see what’s happened to them I find that it has not got off to a very big start and in fact they are not displaying any properties on their own website at all yet. Here’s why…. they only have six homes for sale and hence the ‘delay’ in launching properly perhaps. Still, every little helps I suppose.

They tell me that they are launching (again) in ‘about two weeks’. That’s what they said a few weeks ago.

I took the opportunity to ask them about their fee structure as some commentators seem confused about whether their costs are up front or not. It transpires that of their £999 package, £299 is payable up front. £499 on the next package up and £599 on their top notch package which includes flags and banners and a man that comes round to your house to see you apparently. Perhaps he does balloon animals too?

Now, the whole concept of online estate agency is based around its value. That’s why Emoov is set up to cost you just £349 with no completion fee; £99 per month until you sell; or £999 on completion but with just £49 up front.

iSold are not exactly nestled in the bargain bin therefore. Even their HIPs are at the ‘Finest’ end of the aisle at £350. Emoov HIPS are just £249.

Their conveyancing cost is positively caviar by comparison. Emoov? £299.   iSold? £499!!

Tesco and their  iSold product have a long way to go before they can claim to be as good value at property selling as they are at beans and buns.

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