Your house is worth more if you vote Conservative.

Sort of.

With all the furore of elections and political swashbuckling going on for a while, I took a look at property values in the most Tory of areas compared to that which is vehemently Labour. (I just do that sort of thing…)

The safest Parliamentary seat held by the Conservative Party is currently Buckingham (as at the 2005 General Election) with a majority of 18,129 votes.

The safest seat held by the Labour Party is Knowsley with a notional majority (due to boundary changes) of 24,333.

The safest seat held by the Liberal Democrats is… surprising that there is even such a thing as a Liberal Democrat electoral majority and in any case Liberal Democrats live in eco-communes made of hemp, not houses 😉

Buckingham boasts an average house price of £203,271. Knowsley’s is £111,639.

And so by my entirely biased calculations your home will be worth almost double if you vote Conservative. Fact (ish).

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