There’s a nifty site that is worth a look called Property Pathways. It’s full of some really varied articles from some great contributors.

It is currently surveying its visitors on their attitude toward online estate agents. Those that don’t charge you through the nose as a consequence of having a big, flash office that covers a teeny weeny area 😉

The result of the poll so far is truly inspiring for a site like Emoov which is about to launch an online, full service estate agency offering. In that NINETY percent of respondents say that they would definitely use an online agent or seriously consider it, given a bit more detail.

Considering that four years ago, when the OFT surveyed the market and no one had even thought about a ‘non High Street concept, this speaks volumes. In fact though, the latest OFT property market survey published in 2009 suggests that 27% of people would use an internet based selling option.

Talk about the tide turning!

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