In the run up to the election on May 6th housing will be one of the key subject matters. Or at least it should be.

A wounded property market; stingy bank lending; estate agent regulation; the approach to planning and development control; empty homes; environmental standards; flood risk; affordable housing provision; etc. They, and more, are all compelling aspects that voters need to be clear on. Each party has a standpoint, albeit that there is some distinct commonality between them in places. I have set out links below to the position of the Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats.

The Conservative Party explain their standpoint here (note that this page then links to three separate PDF documents which outline the Conservatives separate policies on housing, planning and their ideas on a shift toward Localism in decision making):

Labour sets out their approach here:

The Liberal Democrat housing paper can be found here:,%20fairer%20prices.pdf

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