Browsing through the website of the Office of National Statistics today I came across data relating to the UK’s Green Belt land volumes.

Green Belt was introduced by a Conservative Government in the 1950’s in order to police the protection of our countryside. It was intended as the name suggests, to allocate ‘belts’ around major towns and cities that would remain sacrosanct against development in order to stop the creeping absorbtion of one town into another thus resulting in there being little green space remaining otherwise.

But since 1997, the amount of Green Belt land space has fallen by 50,000 hectares in the South East, a wedge 8% thick that if it were allowed to continue would see our green and pleasant land concreted over completely within 150 years or so.

With there being approximately 100,000 publicly owned residential properties laying empty currently, isn’t it a travesty that we are building on meadows, fields and parkland instead of ensuring that ready made accomodation is put into use first?

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