The ongoing party coalition talks remind me of those situations that often occur between competing estate agents.

The blue agent ties up a sale on a house. The red agent says that he has a claim to the fee too. The yellow agent comes along and says that he knows them both quite well and so will assist with negotiating a deal to make sure that things progress to everyone’s benefit.

Except in reality the blue and the red agent hate each other and will not budge. Sensing that although they have no mandate at all but may hold the balance of power, the yellow agent decides to play hard ball and go behind the red and blue agents’ backs and approaches the client directly to try to entice a discounted fee from them. All for the best, you understand.

The result is ill feeling and legal action and the client decides that he can’t handle it and so the deal falls through and everyone loses out.

The house goes back on the market and the seller tries again.

Do you notice the political similarities?

So what’s the answer? In law these days, since various precedent setting legal cases, the blue agent having done the most ‘work’ in closing a deal and beating the red and the yellow agent to the sale, wins.

Nuff said….

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