All the shenanigans of politicians’ coalition talks mean we are ever further away from ‘de-HIP’ day, the point at which Home Information Packs are abolished.

If we end up with a Cameron Clegg collaboration then they are sure to be done away with as both parties have such a commitment in their manifestos. But if the Labour party manage to hold on to power by way of a Lab Lib pact then we may well be stuck with the buggers (and HIPs too 😉  )

Let us hope therefore that Mr Cameron prevails and that Mr Clegg does not dig his heels in over the ongoing negotiations given that the prospect of some sort of power for the Lib Dems at last, may well have gone to his head.

My money is on an overdue exit from Labour in the next couple of days and let us hope that HIPs follow them out of the door of No. 10…

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