The point of this blog is as a support to the main website. It’s designed to add some commentary and insight on the property market to enhance the Emoov project rather than it being a site that just has houses for sale on it, albeit being sold for selling fees that are far less than traditional estate agents.

So, where is the main Emoov site? When does it launch?

Well, I am always hesitant in putting dates to things because you never know how long such a complicated thing as a new business launch is going to take in oredr to get it just right.

And as a Councillor in Brentwood until last Thursday I also had the distration of a local election to fight as well as my wish to fulfill a commitment to helping three prospective Members of Parliament in their campaigns too.

With the politics out of the way, the Emoov launch is imminent with much of the work on the site done already and the final stage of fine tuning all that is left to conclude now.

Very soon, Essex can look forward to saving considerable sums on the fees payable when selling their home.

It’ll be worth the wait…

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