So the new Housing Minister, Grant Shapps MP, renews his promise to scrap HIPs. Fine by me but just a shame that the property industry and home sellers of the last three years wont get their money and their time spent on these pointless things refunded. You can send your invoices to Ruth Kelly and Yvette Cooper but don’t expect much of a response.


But Energy Performance Certificates are to stay. They have to as they are thrust upon us by European law which states that member states must operate a system of establishing the energy rating of its residential and commercial property stock so that its energy efficiency levels can be managed better.

But in light of HIPs falling by the wayside, how will the energy performance assessment fit in to the moving process? At the beginning? As part of a buyer’s survey when the home is sold? Or perhaps the EPC will be removed from being a part of the home selling transaction at all and a system of ‘blanket housing analysis’ will prevail?

I have contacted Grant Shapps for further clarification. I’ll post his response as and when I get it.

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