I had a great meeting with Victoria George today, Business Development Manager from The Digital Property Group.

TDPG operate the Prime Location, FindaProperty and FindaNewHome web portals and have recently acquired the very neat Globrix site too.

Whilst I have dealt with Rightmove extensively over the years as a High Street/High fees agent, I have never used these other brands. I thought Rightmove was enough.

But frankly I am now kicking myself. I must have been asleep on the job.

Because Victoria has shown me the reality of the extensive volume of visitors to their various brands now and it transpires that, whilst Rightmove are the number one in visitor terms overall, TDPG are no slouches by any means. In March, Rightmove saw 3.9 million unique visitors and TDPG 3.1 million, according to ComScore. The stable of TDPG names apparently supplied 4 MILLION leads to their subscribing estate agents in that period too (vistors often enquire about more than one property hence the enquiries are even higher than the level of people using the site).  Big volumes.

The really surprising thing for me though is the lack of ‘overlap’ between the property portals. Overlap is the term used to describe website users that visit various competing sites. I have always perceived that if a property buyer visited one site then they visited them all. So therefore what’s the point in paying as an agent to be on more than one?

Well, it turns out that the overlap between Rightmove and the Prime Location and FindaProperty sites is less than 20%!

In other words, of the 3.1 million people that accessed Prime Location and FindaProperty last month, 80% did NOT wander over to Rightmove too. And so if you are selling with an agent that is not subscribing to both websites and especially if they are not advertising on Zoopla (1m visitors a month) and its associated brands also (like Emoov do) then your property is missing out on SERIOUS buyer attention. And no, a funky window display and a flash office next to Starbucks do not make up for their lack of Internet presence these days 😉

None of us like to miss out. Especially when there’s the significant question of a house sale in abeyance.

Emoov lists all of its properties on all of the Top Ten UK property websites. Rightmove, Prime Location, FindaProperty, FindaNewHome, Zoopla, Globrix, PropertyFinder, Hot Property, Think Property and the UK Property Shop  (plus a token bunch such as Virgin, MSN, Yahoo and so on). Most High Street agents, despite charging a Treasury deficit in fees, are only on a couple.

So for less in fees, you undoubtedly get more with Emoov. Fact..!

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