Zoopla is one of the leading property websites that Emoov displays its homes on. It receives millions of buyer visits each month and is, depending upon the indices you read, the second or third biggest property portal group in the UK.zoopla_button_thumbnail_0

It has some rather neat and ‘quirky’ features to it too. One of them is an ‘Ask Me’ facility whereby property buyers and sellers can post a question for an expert to answer from Zoopla’s thousands of estate agent subscribers.

Recently I have taken to answering a few queries, particularly those that ask how to choose an estate agent or how to get good value when selling a home.

Last week I answered the following: ‘How do I ensure that my property gets listed on the big property websites?’

The answer is that you have to instruct a boan fide agent who will then submit your property to whichever sites he is registered with. The trouble is that such a thing costs a resulting arm and a leg in commission and most High Street agents only choose to be with one or two property websites.

However Emoov, as I pointed out to the person asking, will list your home on all of the top ten property portals in the UK including Zoopla, Rightmove, Property Finder, Globrix, Prime Location, Find A Property etc…

And all for a low, low fee from just £349.

Since I submitted my answer I have received an enquiry from the very person that placed the query on the Zoopla site stating that she would be interested in selling her home through Emoov.


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