The message is spreading…

I’ve had a message from a ‘Mr D’ who has protested that my blog articles relating to expensive estate agents are finding their way around various social networking sites such as Reddit etc. He would like to stop me advertising the Emoov philosophy across the Internet.

I was under the impression that such sites were specifically set up for the purposes of getting your message out there, whoever you are and whatever your point of view. But it seems that some folk favour a sort of censorship of content when it does not meet their vested interest.

From the content of Mr D’s message it appears that he is a disgruntled ‘High Fees’ estate agent. It’s understandable that he wants to try to protect his outdated and extortionate commission structure I suppose.

But no matter how ‘Stasi’ the blogosphere would get at the hands of a dying breed of property dinosaurs that seek to cover up competitive progress, the public will soon be well aware of a further, better choice when looking to sell their home.

And for fees that will make Mr D’s champagne cellar turn as bitter as he has.

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