In its quest to progress industry reform, Emoov has announces its membership of the E-Homebuying Forum (EHF), becoming the first online estate agency to join. The EHF has just appointed Sir Bryan Carsberg as President with the aim of bringing greater efficiency, transparency and cohesion to the home buying and selling process. Subsequently, EHF will liaise with government and industry to effect these improvements.

Whilst we are delighted that Home Information Packs have been suspended, as they were hopeless in curing the transactional problems they sought to fix, we are still passionate that a swifter and more certain conveyancing process has to be introduced that will take the waste and the stress from the home buying and selling process.

We also favour estate agency licensing in order to ensure better knowledge and standards in the profession, even if many of our competitors would rather remain unchecked. Our collaboration with the E-Homebuying Forum further cements those values and we look forward to being actively engaged with them in ultimately making property transactions easier and quicker to conclude, taking the waste and the uncertainty out of moving.

“We are delighted to have Emoov on board” says Sir Bryan Carsberg, President of EHF. “If all businesses involved in the homebuying and selling process were to take some responsibility to provide better information to customers about the process, whilst at the same time working towards a truly modernised system, this would benefit everyone. This year promises to be a crucial one for the property marketplace and I welcome Emoov’s contribution moving forward.”

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