Which would they be?

It would be the house that you first come across and get all excited about. Full of promise with its gleaming exterior, great looking fittings, lean lines and an impressive energy rating.

On paper it looks fantastic. The first four minutes inside are impressive. But on closer scrutiny it begins to crumble. Nothing works.

When actually used, the doors fall off and the expensive wallpaper begins to peel. In fact the ‘Green’ rating appears to be made up. The Cole runs out. And Lamps fail.

The best features fade into disuse and the only thing guaranteed is ultimate disappointment. We’ve seen so many examples like this before so should really have learned our lesson in false optimism.

Yet another amateur bodge up.

We’ve just used some Algerian builders to do some work for us. They were precise, energetic and hard working.

Oh dear…


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