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The Chancellor is still at the despatch box as I write this but so far, as it affects housing, the following announcements have been made:

Housing Benefit to be limited to £400 per week maximum. Landlords to be affected by a squeeze on rents from DSS tenants?

A one year Council Tax freeze to be ‘assisted’ by Government in respect of those local authorities that prove prudent in cost cutting.

A bank levy to be introduced. Will this mean that bank charges and loan rates will increase to pay for it?

Capital gains tax will rise to 28% from the current 18% for high rate tax payers. This means that all the second homes and buy to let properties disposed of will have their profits taxed at the appropriate rate. This announcementwas expected, and could have been worse in fact.

VAT to increase to 20% from January. Staple items like food and children’s clothing are to remain exempt.

However, estate agency fees are not exempt of course. This means that with an average fee in Essex of £3680, the vat rise will cost you £92 more.

But the vat on an Emoov fee will rise by less than a tenner.

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