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One of the calls that we received yesterday was from a Dagenham lady whose home is currently on the market with Spicer McColl at £199,995. They are charging her 2% plus vat.


She wanted to know how Emoov can do the same job (better we think) for a quarter of the cost or less, depending on the fee package chosen. The lady actually asked ‘What’s the catch?’.

Well, there is no catch. In fact the question is not so much how we justify such low fees but more, how traditional estate agents get away with charging so MUCH these days?

We do everything that a High Street agent does. All of our properties are listed on all of the UK’s top TEN property websites, an audience of 8 MILLION buyers per month. We advertise in the Essex Chronicle and the Evening Echo newspapers every week which together are read by over 110,000 Essex people.

Emoov comprehensively covers the whole of the county. And it’s because of this economy of scale in dealing with a large area from one location, and the fact that we do not spend our/your money on flash offices with drinks chillers and Italian sofas, that we are able to work to a fee structure that is fair and justifiable.

High fees were relatively unavoidable when estate agents had such big overheads across a large office network.

Simply, things have now changed just as they have with the airline industry (think Easy Jet and Ryan Air). The travel industry (think The grocery business (think Ocado). Books (think Amazon). Insurance (Go Compare).

And it is you that benefits from the lower costs and efficiencies that such technological progress allows.

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