Sarah Beeny vs Estate Agents. But There Is An Even Better Option…

Jul 5, 2010

I’ve just come across a video that was made a few months ago which pits the approach of Sarah Beeny’s private seller website, Tepilo, against the ‘norm’ of using a High Street estate agent.

In it Sarah is a little disingenuous as far as what she describes High Street agency commissions to be, as the average fee in the UK is 1.6% NOT 3% (Source: OFT) however she still has a point in that conventional estate agents are super expensive these days.

In contrast, her website is free. But in terms of actual value, what do you get? Little advice, no sale oversight in terms of assisting with legal issues and mortgage problems that inevitably occur. And, vitally, no access to the big property portals like Rightmove and Prime Location that dominate UK property searching with around 8 MILLION unique visitors per month.

So neither option here is the ideal in actual fact.

The real alternative? The best of BOTH worlds is Plain and simple.

It is estate agency, but at a lower cost. Selling fees from just £349 and for that you get listed on all TEN of the UK’s property websites plus valuation advice, sales oversight, a gigantic mailing list of waiting buyers and everything else that High Street agents do. But for less. Much less.

Here’s the video so that you can see for yourself. It’s not long…