There are some contradictory numbers coming from the two most authoritive providers of UK house price statistics.

The Nationwide Building Society index reported a 0.1% INCREASE in prices in June following a 0.5% RISE in May.

But the equally valid Halifax report this week states a DROP in prices in June of 0.6% with a 0.5% FALL in May before it.

In spite of the ‘one says up, one says down’ confusion here, one thing is for sure. The unexpected rise in prices of 2008/9 is running out of steam. Even the most optimistic figures now show that where there is an increase, the rate of monthly price escalation is certainly declining.

Many buy to let landlords are now choosing to sell and the number of lettings instructions are lower accordingly. Many home owners are jumping in to the sellers market now too, so as to avoid any significant price drops.

Prices may have peaked, for now…

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