For a while now speculation about the direction of the property market and house prices has been rather ‘scattered’.

By that I mean that the various indices and pundits seem to be inconsistent in their evaluations to say the least.

Whether you intend to sell a home online using an internet estate agent or not you still want good advice.

But its very hard to call what is going on with house sales currently when you get a situation like this…

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors’ Chief Economist has announced today that ‘RICS indicators point toward a slight fall in house prices over the next six months’.

Followed within minutes by a press release from the Centre for Economics and Business Research stating that ‘house prices are set to rise by 4% this year’.

The National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR) has said recently that ‘prices will fall by 8% over the next five years’.

Its fun to go back over the predictions and sooth saying of the various ‘experts’ in the property market from time to time.

My advice is to ignore all of them because they are only expert at being wrong, just to differing degrees.

Property prices are fickle, sensitive, unpredictable and subject to dozens of different influences day to day which can change their trajectory constantly. They can’t be pinned down months in advance.

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