It’s almost that time of year again when the banks and the corporate (expensive) estate agency firms and the analysts and the economists and the property journalists all begin to predict what’s in store for house prices in the coming year.

Given that they are all always wrong it is a pointless exercise and one that is made more of PR and media exposure than it is bona fide guidance for the likes of you and I.

My prediction is this… House prices will definitely rise a bit or fall a bit. They could also stay the same.

But three things are guaranteed, even if house values are not.

1) The pundits will be wrong again.

2) A house is a home to be lived in and to raise a family in. Not a financial instrument for the purposes of macro-analysing investment outcomes on a weekly basis.

3) If you sell your property in 2011 through a traditional, High Street estate agency you will pay way over the odds.

Use Emoov and you will move for a fraction of the cost in estate agents fees. That’s a big consideration if the value of your home does happen to drop a bit.

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