Google have today announced that they are withdrawing their property search facility from GoogleMaps. Apparently through lack of interest from private property sellers and estate agents.

So perhaps despite all the hype from people like us at Emoov, this online revolution is perhaps just a fad and is fizzling out after all? And so it’s back to the High Street agent and having to bear his sky high fees?

Not on your life….

Google’s Vice President, Brian McClendon concedes that they simply could not compete with the dominance of the established property portals and the ‘proliferation of excellent property search tools on real estate websites’.

In other words, there are so many good property websites around and that are visited in such high volume by property buyers that even Google couldn’t get a look in on the market for online home searches.

Far from online property searching being something that has peaked, Rightmove have recently enjoyed their busiest day for search traffic EVER. On 10th January they report 28.3 MILLION page impressions. That’s in ONE day.


Internet estate agents…. onwards and upwards.

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