The AV debate is hotting up. So we can’t help but relate the ins and outs of the Alternative Voting system to the process of buying a house.

The ‘AV Debate’ is happening because on May 5th, the same day as local elections, there will be a national referendum on whether to change the voting process for electing MPs.

Some say NO2AV and some say yes. It’s a matter of opinion.

It’s a complex issue though and one that will confuse people. Not because people aren’t bright enough to understand such things as proportional representation, or PR ‘light’ or AV versus ‘first past the post’. But because each of the other alternative voting proposal involves counting votes in a different way than actually just, well… counting them and declaring a winner.

If you and your loved ones were thinking of buying a property and had been on a few viewings, you might have a vote amongst the family as to who liked property ‘A’ the most and who liked property ‘B’ the best etc. A family of say, six people, might end up with three members of the family saying they liked ‘A’ and two saying their preference was ‘B’ but one deciding on another property they saw previously, let’s call it ‘C’. In truly democratic terms, house ‘A’ is the one with the most votes and so that’s the one that the majority want and consequently is one that the family would buy.

But hold on… the Yes2AV lobby say that this isn’t fair. Because not ‘enough’ members of the family ‘won’ the vote. And so they would ask the family members what their SECOND choice was. As it turns out, FOUR of them said they liked house ‘C’ as their SECOND preference.

And so, under AV, house ‘C’ is the one that they would have to buy. The property that only ONE person wanted as their first choice of home.

Fair? You decide on May 5th.

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