In this day and age of uber consumerism people expect to be able to contact those that they want to do business with.

Sunday shopping is common place and, indeed, can be the only opportunity that some get to buy what they need.

Insurance companies and banks operate around the clock. The days of petrol stations closing at 10pm are long gone.

Supermarkets are open seven days a week and until late into the night, some are even 24 hour.

Emoov are available at least 8am to 8pm, longer if we are really busy. And that’s every day.

So it was with interest that we noticed that many High Street estate agents, often closed on a Sunday and after 6pm weekdays in any case, were also shut today and will be during the holiday weekend.

You only need one buyer for your home. If your estate agent isn’t there to speak to them when THEY want them, you will simply lose out to another that is.

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