Maggs and Allen estate agents in Bristol have been targeted by the Act for Freedom group in response to the agent being involved in evicting squatters from a building at Stoked Croft.

The property firm had its windows smashed by the vandals group who then issued a press release along the lines of ‘all property is theft’ etc.

Marxists and well heeled estate agents are never likely bed fellows. However this act of criminality against a well respected local business, simply undertaking legitimate and lawful client instructions, is unlikely to gain sympathy for the ‘Swampy’ types that inhabit, free of charge, other people’s properties without regard to the personal or financial circumstances of those owners.

Whilst a land of communal houses and gifted money is yearned for by those that trudge around with their wordly belongings in hemp bags from one illegal accomodation to another, it is an ideology that imagines a rather ironic societal utopia in that, for those without the will to work or to pay their way, how will the ‘system’ earn enough to build and maintain those free properties that they so wish to inhabit?

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