Now, forgive us if we have misread how the consumer thinks but, to us, value for money is about offering a product or service at a price that in itself can be justified. It is not justifiable to charge the customer for the fancy trappings of expensively styled premises, the number of branches owned or  the calibre of company cars driven by extensive numbers of staff.

I would no more pay £10 for an ice cream sold from a Rolls Royce than I would accept paying £100 to have my haircut by someone that wore an expensive suit.

But that, sadly, is the approach of the traditional, High Street estate agent. Plush offices are no longer visited by buyers, resorting to searching online instead. But this quote in the current issue of The Negotiator magazine speaks volumes for an industry, the bulk of which, seeks to charge you, the public, an increasing amount in fees not because of the value of the service offered but simply in order to cover increasing premises costs.

Michael Keilthy of Callaways, an estate agency based in Brighton & Hove, is concerned that overheads are escalating while some agents are reducing fees. “Agents are fighting for the same sales and in so doing are cutting their fees, but this is not the way to go, as fees need to be realistic to pay for escalating business costs.”

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