The Norwich and Peterborough Building Society (N&P) have released statistics that show one in three of us in the UK would in fact build our own house if we had the money, with 30% of us actually claiming we’d pursue this in the next five years if the finance was made available. 12% of us would even consider starting a self build within the next 12 months.

Every year in the UK around 15,000 people build their own homes according to the National Self Build Association. The market is currently valued at about £2 billion but this is actually only equal to 1.4% of the overall UK mortgage market. The Government has said it will fully support campaigns to up the current number of  self builds per year from 15,000 to nearer 50,000.

N&P have been at the forefront of this movement, offering up to 80% value of self-build mortgages. Richard Barker, mortgage manager for N&P said ‘self build is a market with huge potential which could have many benefits for those willing to carry out a self build project, not to mention the benefits for the general economy and some of the problems surrounding the housing market in this country.’

With more options available than ever to make a cheap and eco friendly home that only exists in your dreams – why not make your dreams come true? We’re happy to help you sell your current house for an unbeatable fee, and put you on the track to funding the house of your dreams, no hassle! 🙂

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