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Online estate agents are becoming hugely popular now. For those that discover that they exist, HUGE estate agents fee savings are guaranteed. The average Emoov fee saving is £4000 in fact.

But you do need to ensure when choosing an online estate agent that they are actually estate agents. The moving process is fraught with obstacles and stress. Having a professional, experienced guiding hand to inform you along the way and to overcome problems is as essential with internet estate agents as it is with the expensive, High Street type.

More and more new online estate agency websites are popping up these days. And it seems that some are operated by former Home Information Pack sales people, mortgage brokers and ‘debt management’ types.

Make sure that the one that you opt for, regardless of fees and promises made, is one that is run by people that know the business, have worked within it for years and have proper experience.

You might only be paying three or four hundred pounds in fees, but it’s still important that your transaction is dealt with professionally. Isn’t it?

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