As we posted here last week, beware of cheap Energy Performance Certificates.

Emoov clients will often instruct us to market their homes but sometimes shop around for a cheaper EPC (although currently we are offering a FREE EPC when you sign up with us, for a limited time).

Some firms provide them at £40.00 or so and this does look attractive, particularly compared to High Street agents who peddle them for £100.00 or more.

But there is often a good reason for a cheap EPC being cheap and that’s because they are FAKE, carried out by unregistered, unqualified conmen who take your money and issue you with a worthless certificate.

This week, the Police have raided a house in Dorset named as the formal address for Next Day EPC, a rougue provider. The occupant appears to be an innocent party, the owner of a PO Box type company that the fraudsters may have used to make their outfit look legitimate.

As the investigation into these fraudulent EPC companies gathers pace, the list of brand names involved is growing.

Here’s the list of questionable EPC firms so far but it’s by no means exhaustive so be careful…

Next Day EPC;  HIPSave;  HIPServe;  Express EPC;; Metro EPC; and EPC Worx.

EPC providers are unregulated.

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