The number of mortgage products available to UK house buyers has risen by a staggering 82% this year compared to 2010.

Mortgage Brain reports that there are currently 13,842 home loan deals in the market, with 3,900 being added by lenders in the last five months alone.

So is the mortgage drought over? It would seem that with the added number of products around, far higher than when Bank of England base rates first fell to 0.5% in March 2009, the deals are certainly more competitive. Skipton Building Society are offering a 1.98% tracker loan and Chelsea Building Society a fixed rate of 2.39%, far lower than two years ago.

The media will no doubt still mutter that the housing market is tough due to ‘not being able to get a mortgage’, which then doesn’t help buyer confidence.

Clearly, the truth is that the mortgage market has eased considerably. Go get one… (and if you’re selling a home use an online estate agent like Emoov . Estate agents fees of just £349

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