If you smoke in your home, you have probably devalued it.

That’s according to research by the property website Globrix that suggests that 24% of all property buyers that they surveyed recently, would expect a reduction in price if the home they were considering was occupied by smokers.

Nearly one in ten buyers said that they would not even consider buying a property that had ‘white with a hint of nicotine’ as its preferred decor scheme.

Tenants too will be severely disadvantaged as smokers with 60% of landlords refusing to let their properties to those that like even a crafty fag here and there. That’s no doubt why over a third of tenants say they would simply lie to landlords and lettings agents about their tobacco habit.

Smokers have become more and more ostracised in recent years, especially as the smoking ban pushed them out of pubs and work places. But it seems that there is a potential financial cost as well as a health and a convenience cost to smoking.

Beware. Or else your hard won property profit might just go up in smoke. Literally.

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