Conveyancing Costs. No Wonder

Sep 27, 2011

In order to keep costs down and to be efficient, Emoov confirm the details of each of our sales to the respective lawyers involved, by email.

Not such a revolutionary concept. Or so we thought.

However in the last week we have had one old fashioned law firm inform us that we would have to write to them on paper ( in a ‘letter’) akin to office procedures from the 1990’s.

He ‘doesn’t have email’ apparently. And the telephone may have only fairly recently graced itself onto his desks too. We wager that perhaps we will receive a telegram from him when exchange of contracts take splace, if we haven’t all died of old age by the time that takes place.

Today, another ‘High St’ solicitor wrote to us, on paper, confirming that they had received our email. Spot the irony.

But they also sent us a further, separate letter (also sent first class) explaining that contracts have been sent to the lawyers acting for our buyer. One wonders why the two pieces of information could not have been confined to an email for speed and for cost saving purposes?

Is it any wonder that old fashioned solicitor firms often charge a fortune to undertake the legal conveyance of a property sale and take ages to do so too?

Online estate agents have embraced technology in order to provide a quicker, more efficient and CHEAPER service. It’s about time that other related parts of the home moving industry did the same in order to cut fees and do things better.

Or, one wonders if there is a vested interest on their part in staying firmly rooted to the 20th century in order to maintain 20th century charges to the consumer?

It’s just a thought but of course the High Street estate agency sector is doing the same thing in clinging on to unnecessary,  multiple branch offices that cost dearly to run, a sum simply passed on to the house selling public in ridiculous and unjustified estate agents fees.

We’ll email it to you rather than send a pigeon, if that’s ok.