Emoov online estate agents are continually improving their service and, importantly, the reach that their marketing has. And our aim in being the low cost estate agent with by far the biggest advertising coverage for our customers is certainly being fulfilled.

Today we went truly international by signing a deal with a property website that is soon to launch to the Chinese property investment market, a country with 1 BILLION inhabitants. All Emoov properties will shortly be listed within the new portal and details translated into Chinese.

The far Eastern economy has grown extraordinarily over the last few years and its export volumes to the West are astounding. Incomes have risen accordingly. Whilst it is seeing a partial slow down from double digit growth now, it’s house prices have escalated and continue to do so despite lending controls and even a rationing of property in some cities such as Shanghai.

The Chinese simply can’t get enough property which is why, with favourable exchange rates too, they are turning to places like the UK for their investments.

So we’re way ahead of other estate agents in making sure that your home will be seen by everyone. Literally.

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