Rightmove, the property portal, have this week launched hanging signs for estate agents’ office doors that, if they’re closed, provide a quick link to the agent’s stock within the Rightmove portal simply by taking a photo of a QR code ‘glif’ with your smart phone.

A great idea. But…

This initiative would be great if it were not for the fact that office visitors are a rather unlikely event in an estate agent’s day these days. And perhaps the necessity of a sign on the door saying ‘CLOSED’ might to some highlight the fact that estate agents’ opening hours are somewhat short as far as the public are concerned?

Ultimately, we all know that whatever the time of day, buyers look for property online and are very unlikely to march into town out of hours on the off chance that ‘High Street Estates’ might still be open.

It makes for a nice press release though we suppose….

The real innovation in property buying is an office that is open 8 am ’til 8pm SEVEN days a week and that advertises its clients’ homes on over 300 websites 24/7.

That’ll be Emoov.co.uk then 😉

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